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Bound By Flame

The story mixes elements or inspired by others as fantastic medieval fantasy Game of Thrones, the story unfolds in a continent called Vertiel and play're Vulcan, a mercenary or a mercenary company called free swords mercenaries hired by some scholars who are dedicated to studying magic to protect them during the celebration of an ancient ritual to change the course of the war taking place on the continent, where some sorcerers called the lords of the ice and armies of wandering dead are wiping out conquering everything and filling it contiente glaciers and freezing, plunging the world into an ice age, the ritual goes awry and a demon of fire is introduced to our hero, giving it flaming powers able to cash fight the lords of the ice, but clear power has a price and that is if we abuse our powers, and we ignore the demon over the account, he had just becoming more control of our character and even the physical appearance of Vulcan change

Graphically it is a game without fanfare comply with this paragraph, with good character models, good lighting and some quite achieved scenarios, some better than others, it is not a game that you will leave with their mouths open in graph, but neither will generally disliked linias

Now with regard to sound section, the game comes with the voices in English and a good dubbing by the actors, most fulfilled and interpret their characters well, not not expect such quality of the voice cast of Bioware game, but hey, is not a section that fails to play a ton or less, also comes well subtitled in Spanish and agile narrative makes us donot make heavy reading

As for the soundtrack, the theme life, namely that of the main menu, is a sublime and beautiful, emotive and epic theme, the rest of melodies are varied and stick with the situations that we encounter and the places we visited

The artistic section is very good at some things and some empty in others, for example the design of some enemies are sublime without being extravagant and tasteful, and change some settings are very poor, but good is only some timely place in worse places we have ever fought as the saying

Now the best part, the gameplay, the combat system drink a lot of The Witcher 2 and some Dark Souls, is well implemented, is dynamic, fluid, and the animations are quite good, whether the difficulty levels if they are balanced between if and offer a good challenge, the game requires us to be patient and know face to each type of enemy and know seize the moments when you have to dodge, block, and punch, can master three branches of skills, including mastery fighting with a two-handed sword with two daggers and the powers of fire, there is also a part where we can be stealthy and surprise in some moments determiandos distracted enemy and Vulcan also be manufactured booby traps to put on the floor and our enemies the pisen and a crossbow to attack distance

We may also recruit some companions throughout the adventure, and to have a relationship of friendship, rivalry and romance, but do not expect a depth as Dragon Age in this regard, although the system dialogs slightly like Dragon Age Origins, also one of the companions we can go together and can give orders about what combat stance adopted, but also without much DEPTH, but even so far as reflected in combat skills peers are quite useful

Another element that works very well is crafting, we can change and improve our armor and weapons, making healing and mana potions, arrows, traps, even recycle some armor that we will become obsolete or outdated and preserve their materials to invest in improving new or some other part of it as the greaves
for example

In conclusion and complete the analysis, Bound By Flame is a good RPG, trying to give her lover's generated a role-playing experience that fills most of their feelings and looking forward to the genre, although it fails entirely the effort and effort you notice that has put the development team to provide a game conditions and good quality is noticeable, although I repeat do not always succeed because it is a game developed by a small study, with few resources and newly is starting in this.

The good things
*The history, without being a marvel is good and hooks,

*Some of the side characters has an interesting depth
*The combat system is very good and fun
*The crafting works and you entertain that can improve or recycle
*Dubbing also without being outstanding meets and helps you get into the story
*Some designs of the enemies are very good and made
*Since our decisions change the plot and relationship with peers and even some of the places you visit, the game invites to be replayed
*Although not least, is well optimized and virtually no stupid bugs that spoil your experience
*The PC version is the best and the best looking, besides that are starting to come mods that improve the graphics of the title
*Invite a continuation since it has created a rich world and potential

The bad things
*Lacks a little more depth in small details, and that in this genre is heavy
*Could be longer. the game lasts 20 hours at most, a little short by the standards of the genre RPG
*Some designs and environments have a dull and flat design
*The animations are not quite good in terms of expressiveness
*The map is somewhat confusing and tedious
*Algun problem with the camera at specific times
*Some side missions could be more original
*Too many checkpoints, disable recomeiendo
*You can stay the feeling that some ideas could be over a little more polishing

                                                                                         My score is 8

martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

The Walking Dead

In Episode 1 of The Walking Dead saga we find one crucial character for all seasons of the game, although not the focus of the game. Let me explain, we will command Lee while caring for a small, Clementine, what will be the protagonist of the entire saga.

Innovation: There are very few or no games of this style, the story is a straight line, but the end may vary depending on our responses and decisions, although not in a crucial way. The way to innovate this game goes along with that paragraph and its similar to a game of Square-Enix to open but closed minded scenarios. All this is complemented beautifully with comic-style graphics. Great.

Graphics: As I said, the graphics are in comic form, not realistically. Although, of course, the character models and faces of the characters are basic, are made of an outstanding way, since we can easily distinguish emotions from them without even having the active audio, a delight. Although the lighting and scenarios could be improved.

Sound: The sound, voices and everything is perfect. The only bad thing I will point out in this section is that it contains no official translation into other languages. That's a big disadvantage, but the rest, excellent.

Gameplay: The gameplay we have a simple and very convenient interface, plus it's perfect and innovative. Besides the scenarios can investigate, but are limited. It never becomes tedious or annoying, in this section, luckily, I have no complaints, although it could be polished a little more.

The season 1 of The Walking Dead  is superb, the story and characters, along with the comfortable playability invite you to you to continue the story.

                                                                          My score is 9

Coin Crypt

 This game is a gem. Visually it's adorable, and mechanically its comprehensive without being simplistic. The runs are fast, never lasting more than a half hour or so until you're much better at the game, and the difficulty curve is fair and rewarding to climb. They tend to introduce more complex mechanics to raise the difficulty instead of just increasing numbers. The diversity of characters along with the number of different coins and items that you can buy mean that no run ever really feels the same.

This game is incredibly innovative for the roguelike genre. In this you play as a lootmancer, a person who takes the power out of coins and uses it as their weapon. This may seem simple, but it gets really fun when you start unlocking the characters. This game Mainly revolves around going from level to level, traversing the land, looting chests, killing enemies, and buying from stores. But the more complex aspects come in, such as the gods, The ghosts, and the perks said ghosts give you.

The music isn't too distracting nor does it ever get old, and it's a fresh new idea for a roguelike. 
The more coins you earn the more you can spend in unlocking other characters which also is unique because you don't need all the coins at once to unlock a character. It's like a progress bar. I love the blocky art style for the game, usually I'm not fond of that kind of art, but for Coin Crypt it just fits like a glove.

Best thing in the game are the cat towers and the secret rooms :P

I recommend it 

                                                                        My score is 8.5

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

You'll think, Why buy it?, is an RPG, of course, but not like the others where you ask for a brutal pc to run it and they all look the same and do not advance anything besides many hours of play.
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is not the typical RPG everything is serious (well, almost all), where we have a 4, but well trained warriors who are in search of the 3 magic items that are stolen.
The story is simple (save the world once again), but has many skills and equipment to improve. The graphics are 2D, but very carefully.  

You can go traveling the world, making searches and filling your pockets with money together, buy equipment, weapons and find all enemies in the game 
Just 10 minutes into the game and you can see everything that has been inspired from games of old. Turn Based battle system, a fun, laid back skill system, and visual cues that darn well give away hints.
It has achievements, exchange letters and you can play on higher difficulties whenever you finish the game.
Maybe the only thing to say is that there is no tutorial in the beginning
If you like lighter games role is a great option.

I recommend it

                                                                              My score is 8.5

domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2014

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is, in my view, the best game of the previous generation (excluding the new generation version) with their strengths and weaknesses. What is the best game of the generation not mean you have to put a 10 or anything, because its defects (which are few) annoy enough.

Gameplay: This is the strong point of the game with an incredible character and managing a targeted system the best I've seen of this generation. The problem is driving, which look pretty arcade and since I move a little jostick the car turns too. The camera also plays tricks sometimes.

Graphics: This section most problems come from the game (because the ps3 and xbox 360 girls not overstretched). The popping in the game is an offense (not to mention digital version) with things that come to your face or late charges in the textures and is quite annoying the verdad.Las fps downs are other gambling problems although not many, that are noticeable. But all is not bad in this section, since we have a level of detail in the characters and incredible side enough and also the vegetation, wildlife, traffic, pedestrians, etc etc ...... It is incredible that the ps3 has moved practically giving this without problems already given,

Sound: Here the game does well smooth but still bad. The dubbing is really amazing and the game thanks to that wins many integers in this section.

Innovation: The game itself does not innovate too much within the genre but gets all the good things of this and maximizes adding a few things (like changing character and see what others are doing or montare your business and get $).

Conclusion: A masterpiece (another of rockstar) work that has absolutely everything you want a gamer in a game. We also have to have them great for making esrte ps3 game and such high quality.

                                                             My score is 9

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

If you liked the first binding of isaac you will love this one. This game includes many new features as objects, powers, meeting, enemies, etc, while maintaining the style of play forever. Maybe I miss the music first, I admit that I liked more but with this I do not say that it has upset me.

If you've never played the binding you have to know it's a game where no game will be like the previous one, wrath unlock new objects and characters as you advance in the game and you will get to hook a lot.

As you say the name of this game, is the "reborn" version of The Binding of Isaac. Full contents of the first newest edition contained, among the most prominent, as follows:

+ Over 500 hours of gameplay
+4 Million seeds
+20 New challenges
+450 150 objects and unlocks
+ It has integrated support for multiple gaming devices (controls).
+ Now you can go faster or slower depending on how push the button to run.
+ Tons of kinematics in the endgame
+ Over 100 special seeds
Co + 2 Played
+ Over 100 characters for cooperative
+ Dynamin lighting, visual effects and art
+ Now works at 60 fps
+ A new soundtrack and sound design
+ Multiple spaces to save the game
+ Physics
+ The "roguelike" final
+ A handful of achievements


Totally recommended

                                                                                  My score is 9